Monday, September 26, 2011

My new... "precious"

Last week was kinda shopping week, although i only bought a couple of items. But those were enough to make me happy for the up-coming winter!

I love this leopard coat. I think it would be really easy to combine with my rest winter closet. But with the high temperature we have in Athens, i think i must wait a loooong time before i wear it..

Coat: ZARA € 69.95

The other thing i bought was those "MIchael Jackson" inspired oxford's.
I really can't say how happy and how creative was with those.
Unfortunatelly there's not someone who can take a photo with the outfit, but i hope soon enough i'll have some photos to post. 

Shoes: ZARA € 39.95 


  1. teleiaaaa!ante kaloforeta kai kali arxi!
    aa kai poluuu wraio k e3upnw background!

  2. lovely coat :)